If The Job Could Talk

Monday Message from Jerry Houston, President and CEO of HPISolutions

Last week we talked about if you had ever made a bad hire.  We talked further about the idea of where you should focus your attention; skills, experience, education, personality issues, etc.  We also talked about the truth that we tend to hire for the things we can measure and yet we most often fire for attitude problems on the job.

It is absolutely possible to accurately measure what behaviors, motivators, and personal soft skills a position demands, in order for a person to be successful in the role.  In other words, IF THE JOB COULD TALK what would it say it wants in terms of these three human factors?

Our patented Job Benchmarking Process identifies the critical factors for success with regard to how a person needs to behave in the role that is being evaluated.  Connecting with those key factors throughout the selection process, onboarding process, and into the longer-term development of the individual in the role is critical to long-term success for the organization.

Whether you use our process or select another, just remember not to go it alone without a validated process to judge the human requirements for the role.  Want to know more, reach out to us at info@hpisolutions.com.

Have a Great Week!