If Not Now, Then When? Power Idea by Sandy Mitchell

Power Idea by Sandy Mitchell, Alliance Partner of HPISolutions

The last two years have been tough. Businesses and organizations had to cut back, perhaps close down, at least for a period of time, or maybe were able to pivot. With the economic indicators now continuing to move in a positive direction, other challenges arise – some new though others may have existed before but have been overlooked or ignored. Now is the time to take a thoughtful look at key factors that lead to a successful enterprise and address the most critical of these.

Have you identified what really matters now? And what are you doing about that now? An approach called The Prioritized Leader considers “the 5 P’s” – Purpose, People, Pace, Perception, Profit. One of these areas may stand out for you as being at the crux of your current challenges and would benefit from your attention … now.

As your business or organization comes out from under the Covid pandemic and faces the impact from local, national or international events, are you clear about what’s most important – your purpose, your why? What difference do you want to make in the world? If your employees are not all on the same page, if your “pain point” appears to be a lack of clarity or alignment about why your business matters and why that is motivating, this is the time to refocus on your organization’s purpose to create a shared direction.

Or maybe your challenge is that your employees – your people – don’t feel empowered, or accountable, for doing their best work. Does your business encourage open feedback and acknowledgment of contributions? Are employees listened to, given opportunities for professional growth and development? Starting with yourself, how aware are you of how you are influencing the organizational culture through your leadership style? Having the right people in the right positions and ensuring a healthy environment with open communication and respect is vital. Is this the area most needing attention?

Perhaps either “pace” or “perception” (innovation, or lack of it) is your main challenge. Too many things on everyone’s plate? How can you prioritize what matters most to create a more balanced pace? Or, are your products or services getting “stale”, especially in light of so much change in the world? How is your workforce encouraged to be innovative and create new opportunities for your business?

And if your key challenges do not lie with purpose, people, pace or perception, maybe you are not achieving the profit level, or overall financial position, you desire. How can you manage, invest and utilize the organization’s resources more effectively? Now would be the time to look deeply into your income and cost structures.

Any one of these “5 P’s” might contain your key challenge at the moment. Whichever it may be, now is the time to focus on it.

To move forward, you have to begin by taking a first step. If not now, then when?

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