Human Resources – Balance – by Ginny McMinn

The HPISolutions team will be focusing on Human Resources in the next quarter. Before we take that “deep dive” into HR, let’s first look at the bigger picture. As business leaders, you have a lot to balance: work results, new business, profits, problem-solving, and managing assets including human assets. In that list of responsibilities, is there one that doesn’t involve people?

As a long-term HR professional and business consultant, I know that balancing all that is not easy; neither is leading people. At HPISolutions we know that when we get the people piece right, those other aspects of running a business get dramatically easier.

  • When job requirements and skill requirements are established and used as the basis for selection and hiring;
  • When employees are trained thoroughly, both for daily responsibilities and for growth;
  • When managers have the skills to manage both the work and (more importantly) the worker;
  • When developing employees is a priority for the business and employee retention goals;
  • When communicating with employees about the company, its plans and priorities, and their future is as important as producing work;
  • When resolving conflict and solving problems is a skill and commitment to team effectiveness;
  • And when leadership priorities include the equitable and legal management of both the business entity and its employees, you have a sustainable basis for business excellence and long-term employee commitment.

In our upcoming newsletters, watch for more detail on HR and how committing to leading well will improve your whole business.

Ginny McMinn

Sr. Alliance Partner