In this week’s Power Idea, we continue the idea of High Impact Leadership. Founder and CEO, Jerry Houston leans on friend and professional colleague, Dale Halm, from his recently published book, “The Excellence Agenda” where he talks about key points that cause excellence in leadership and organizations. We think Dale is onto something! We hope you enjoy this week’s Power Idea!


According to our friend, Dale Halm,
“achieving organizational effectiveness requires gaining mastery of how we think and how we act. It is that simple, and yet extremely difficult to do. Why? Because people focus most of their energy on defending their ego or point of view. There isn’t much interest in examining our own beliefs or behaviors when we believe that it is other people or trying circumstances that make things difficult. Our customary ways of thinking and interacting limit what is possible.”

Halm goes on to say:
“to attain organizational excellence, you have to summon the courage to do things differently. Frankly most people won’t do this, so a decision must be made to strive for excellence.”

The Excellence Agenda Model describes the type of thinking and behaviors needed to create excellence. I am sharing with you today the Five Disciplines:

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Dale Halm is right! If all of us would simply follow these basic premises, we could dramatically impact our ability to lead. Want to know more? Contact us today at and we will connect you with Dale and his terrific and inspired book about organizational excellence.

Have a Great Week!