Over the past several weeks, the HPISolutions team has been writing on the topic of GROWTH and how to manage it in your organizations. In this final article on the subject of Growth, CEO and Founder, Jerry Houston, has a few final words on this subject. Enjoy this week’s Power Idea.

Over the past several weeks we have written a great deal on the subject of growth and the importance of managing growth in a way that is sustainable for the long haul. This is not for the faint of heart!

While many businesses today are enjoying the improving economy, the pressures of growth are being felt everywhere. We have often said to our clients that one of the greatest challenges of businesses is their own success! Perhaps you know some of the symptoms:

* Fulfilling orders for service or products has become very challenging.
* Clients are “complaining” that you are not responding as quickly as you have in the past.
* You are having difficulty finding “good” employees as the market continues to tighten up.
* Your current workforce is feeling over-worked and under-appreciated.
* Your facilities are becoming inadequate to handle the ever-expanding needs of the business.
* Leadership doesn’t have adequate time to meet and plan for upcoming projects and customer demands.
* In fact, maybe you can’t even find the time to meet with your team and to show your appreciation for their hard work and efforts.
* Your financial resources are stretched to the limit…maybe past the limit.
* Cash flow is being severely impacted as you struggle to collect your receivables while expending greater than normal outflows to buy raw materials, hire additional staff, and so on.

Does any of this sound familiar? IT’S TIME TO TAKE A DEEP BREATH!

Now is the time to sit down and evaluate priorities. What are the most important actions you must take to manage the growth that you are experiencing? How will you find the resources of financing, space, planning time, materials, increased staff, and finding work/life balance for existing staff?

We can help! Contact us today at info@hpisolutions.com and ask about our patented Stages of Growth process that will help you sort out where you are, the impact it is having, and creating a roadmap for the next 12-24 months to assist you in staying focused on key actions that will help you manage your growth and make it sustainable for the future.

It has been an honor to bring you this series of important writings on GROWTH. If you missed any of the articles, you will find them on our website at www.hpisolutions.com under the Power Ideas tab. Look for Power Idea articles beginning at “GROWTH… a Challenging Business” June 6, 2017, or contact our Client Relations Coordinator, Kathy Huska kathy@hpisolutions.com . She can help!