In this week’s Power Idea on our continuing series on GROWTH, Founder and CEO, Jerry Houston talks about the importance of a strong foundation of talented people. In the end, we are only as good as the weakest link…and in today’s competitive world, there is no room for a weak link.

As I reflect back this week, during the 26th Anniversary of our company, I am reminded of what got us here from our meager beginnings in 1992. It was our people. It is not by accident that our talented team was attracted to HPISolutions, and has also stayed for many years. It is also true that as new members join the team, that they share an attitude of excellence, just as their predecessors have done before them.

The question is, how does it happen that we have enjoyed the success we have, and the lasting professional relationships during good times, and tough times, for all these years? The answer is simple. We take a great deal of time in our attraction/hiring processes to ensure that we find and vet the best talent for our culture. We focus on the Human Factors, Skills, Experience and Education that are necessary for success in each position.

The process includes the utilization of our TriMetrix Hiring System, Job Benchmarking and taking the time to get to know the candidates, to ensure a fit to the culture here at HPIS. We utilize a thorough interviewing process that includes each of our senior partners to interview the candidate independently that allows us to compare notes once the interviews are complete. We then discuss the candidate and their potential for the organization. Our goal is to have 100% agreement on a hire, although I do reserve the right to be a “tie-breaker” if it becomes necessary.

Building an organization on a solid foundation of talented team members is essential if you want to grow. We like to think that we practice what we preach and we preach what we practice! Because of our dedicated and talented team, we spend very little time dealing with “people issues” and focus our time and energy instead on providing service and results beyond expectations. When you operate in this way, you can assure yourself that not only will you produce better and managed results for your bottom line, but it’s also a heck of a lot of fun!

Have a Great Week!