Great Place to Work – Introduction

Over the next several Power Ideas our team is going to write about a topic that is getting a lot of press these days….GREAT PLACES TO WORK. What does it matter whether your place is a GREAT PLACE TO WORK? How do we measure the impact of being an EMPLOYER OF CHOICE? Read on as our Founder and CEO, Jerry Houston, starts us on this journey of understanding the bottom line value to being a GREAT PLACE TO WORK. We hope you enjoy the series and don’t be afraid to sound off if you disagree (we wouldn’t even mind some positive comments if you DO AGREE!

Believe it or not, there is a place called the GREAT PLACE TO WORK INSTITUTE (GPTW) that has been researching from more than two decades the idea that creating a GPTW environment is not only the right thing to do, but it has major impact to the bottom line. It ties in nicely to Fortune magazine’s long-running “100 Best Companies to Work For” list, but its mission goes way beyond merely celebrating the most successful or innovative companies.

Michael Bush, GPTW CEO says “We are building a better world by helping organizations change their workplaces for all. GPTW has surveyed more than 100 million employees at thousands of firms around the world. The result? A simple formula for creating a great place to work. Bush states, “we’re in the trust business. We help by measuring the trust level within organizations, and then provide focused solutions to increase trust level in organizations that want to be a Great Place To Work.

We at HPISolutions couldn’t agree more with GPTW that a key ingredient to being a Great Place To Work is Trust. We say it a bit differently through our mantra that we believe in Mutual Benefit, Respect and Trust. Think about that statement for a minute. In any relationship, business or personal, it cannot succeed and flourish without every person in the relationship receiving benefit from the interactions, to receive and give respect for others’ point of view, and that before any team can be effective, the members must trust each other, unconditionally.

We invite you to read along over the next several weeks as we explore this concept of a GREAT PLACE TO WORK. We will talk about the value of working to be a GPTW from both the standpoint of what is right to do, and how it leads to a better bottom line.