Great Place to Work – Company Profile “The Great Organization”

We think you are really going to enjoy this week’s Power Idea that profiles a truly Great Place to Work, The Great Organization! Founder and CEO, Jerry Houston shares a story of a dynamic, boutique business in the custom millwork industry in Scottsdale, AZ. It takes inspired leadership to create a GREAT PLACE TO WORK, and that is exactly what is happening at TGO!

The Great Organization (TGO) was started by two college roommates, Joe Lambright and Vern Mock III, over 30 years ago. The company has thrived while surviving many challenging times. Over the decades, the partners grew stronger in their loyalty to each other and their determination to make TGO a great place to work. In 2015 a heart attack took Vern from the TGO team, but Joe persevered and created a new leadership team to ensure TGO’s future.

This new team continues to pursue Vern’s commitment to a quality product and excellent service with even more intensity than in the past. Under the leadership of a new President, Steve Meisenheimer, the organization has doubled its revenues since 2015. Steve’s strengths are in his organizational development and leadership excellence skills. Coupled with a strong executive leadership team, and some very innovative ways to engage the workforce, the future is very bright at TGO. Steve has instituted a 7 step program for improvement that includes a performance management system, continuous learning environment, accountability, specific strategies, vision, high level communications and regular meetings at all levels. As a result:

* We know where we are going
* We know how to get there
* Decision-making happens quickly
* Autonomy in decision-making is encouraged and aligned with overall direction
* There is a high sense of urgency to get things done
* There is no such thing as a bad idea
* Everyone improves, every day
* Everyone is accountable to perform

When I was interviewing Steve for this Power Idea, he indicated the best word to describe his team was “harmonious.” I couldn’t resist asking him what he means. Steve said “People get along with each other, cooperate with each other and help each other.” He indicated that this has happened because there exists a learning and teaching environment, everyone encourages and gives back to everyone else, from the top to the bottom of the organization.

WHAT’S NEXT? The goal is to again double the revenue in the next 12 months. They want to build an organization that they can replicate anywhere else, while maintaining the culture. In order to do this, they continue to fine tune processes, build on leader and team skills, and measure and evaluate progress all of the time.

HPISolutions admires Steve and the TGO team and look forward to assisting them as they continue to grow, improve and to focus on their greatest asset, their people.