In our continuing series on Great Places to Work, Founder and CEO, Jerry Houston, discusses some key points that you need to know to become an Employer of Choice. We hope you enjoy this week’s Power Idea.


There is no question that being a Great Place to Work is very important to the profitable health and sustainability of your organization. With that said, what does it take? How are you stacking up against other Employer of Choice Organizations, such as Google, SAS, Costco and the like?

Every organization, big or small, desires to be an employer of choice. Some already think they are, but how do they know? In the competitive marketplace that exists today, many organizations are trying to be an employer of choice by offering a wide array of employee benefits and perks in a goal to attract the best and brightest and to retain them. The problem is, employees today, and especially the millennial population, are not impressed with a promotional approach to retention. The new work force craves other factors when they are choosing where to work and whether they plan to stay long-term.

The key to becoming an employer of choice is the quality of the relationship between employee and employer. To achieve this relationship, employers need to be more collaborative and open with employees than in the older paradigms. Based on research conducted by Tim Baker and published in the Training Journal,, there needs to be a set of shared values that are in alignment between an organization and its employees.

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These are great value propositions to get you started down the path of becoming an employer of choice. Let’s not forget that today’s workforce also wants and needs flexibility in how and where they work, as well as the opportunity to provide input to how things happen as it relates to their work.

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