Goal Setting for Success

Senior Strategic Partner, Charles Parnell is a very goal focused individual. It is very natural for Charles to write this week’s Power Idea, as goal setting is something he teaches and preaches! This article focuses on the reasons why Goal Setting is so important if you want to increase success in your business and your life.

It is documented that many people spend a great deal of time planning for a vacation, a visit to a friend or a business trip. While making these plans, their goals and activities become more focused and their power to visualize the results that they want create powerful, internal motivational forces. However, the continuous journey through time is often less planned and less well organized by comparison. Therefore, the results are not what they desired. It’s a documented fact that successful people set and execute goals and plans. Despite this fact, many people leave their efforts for success to chance.

In order to realize your goals, you must have an Action Plan. It’s the foundation on which to build your life, your journey through time. It consists of prioritized goals with specific target dates for completion and potential obstacles that might occur.

These prioritized goals give you a clearer picture of what you value. In order for your Action Plan to work, you must follow four basic principles:

  1. Make sure the goals are your own – you’re more likely to achieve goals you set for yourself
  2. State your goals positively and specifically – positive goals are more motivational
  3. Your goals must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based – this maximizes the prospects for success
  4. Incorporate personality changes into your goals – you change as you grow

Focus on different types of goals such as:

  1. Tangible goals – they are substantially real, capable of being precisely identified or realized by the mind
  2. Intangible goals – less precisely identified. They are essential to your professional growth and development
  3. Short -range goals – they are the building blocks of success
  4. Long range goals – they give you a sense of purpose and a look into the future

Effective goal setting is now more critical than ever. The world is dynamic with changes happening at a rapid pace. In organizations, people are asked to be multi-dimensional; they are judged on results that require precise planning and execution. Setting goals will make a huge difference in the way you live. You will be able to meet the challenges of life with self-confidence. This goal setting process with precise execution will yield tangible results. So embrace the process and realize the results you seek. It will be critical as you move on in this century and beyond.