Implement Effective Selection with a Total Person Analysis

Many of our regular followers know that we are dedicated to maximizing the human potential inside of our client organizations. They also know that in order to have a powerful and effective team, it starts with finding the right people for the bus, and making sure they are in the right seats. We all have experienced trying to hire in the conventional way, through a review of resumes for skills, experience and education. The truth be known, we hire for skill and fire for ATTITUDE.

This week’s Power Idea supports the idea that it is essential to know what the job wants for behaviors, motivators and personal skills, and make sure that we are assessing candidates correctly for a strong match to the position for which they are applying. This also ties in to this month’s webinar regarding Building High Performance Teams and the impact the BEHAVIORS have on that process. We hope you enjoy this important article.

Today, companies with hiring challenges are not alone. Just recently, over 150 businesses showed up at a job fair sponsored by, a major job board agency. Over 14,000 people attended, but not a single hire was made that day.

As companies world-wide are in a crunch to hire for key positions, job seekers continue to flood the talent pool. This creates a challenge for screening and selection because non-qualified applicants are pouring in, and the typical process in place just can’t keep up, resulting in a delayed hiring process.

Most companies have a screening process for selection, but does it include a true analysis of talent? Beyond experience and education, a truly effective screening and selection process will look at innate traits we all possess, like behaviors, motivators and personal skills. Without this essential component, you could be wasting your time, energy and resources sifting through applications, comparing unimportant employment details and making tough talent decisions with little support. Rather, an effective candidate selection process will reduce turnover, shorten the decision-making time frame and eliminate unnecessary time spent on screening.

One client, for example, just recently posted a job ad for a sales position. Within one week, they had over 3,000 resumes. In the end, only 1% of the applicants were actually qualified for the position. Now, they have screening tools and consulting in place to save time and money, make a hire quickly and efficiently, and ensure they hire the right person for the job. Without an effective selection system, cost of turnover, wasted time and lack of moving forward with the position is negatively impacting the bottom line.

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