Virtual Management Development Program

Business development workshop
  • April 30, 2020
  • Ongoing
  • Online

In this highly interactive virtual program that utilizes real-world experiences you will:

  • Discover what MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT is and how applying its concepts can benefit you, your employer or your business
  • Understand what is needed for you to enhance your management skills to become a more successful leader
  • Learn keys to improving self-discovery and effective relationship building
  • Learn how to increase your ability to work collaboratively with a wide variety of team members and colleagues
  • Interact with other professionals during sessions and in teams, resulting in new ideas, improved effectiveness, and opportunities for individual growth and development
  • Includes a personal TriMetrix® behavioral assessment to better understand self and others

This convenient and cost-effective program is completely virtual – no travel expenses.

“In regard to the recent world events, I specifically remember how your program stressed the importance of adapting, being resilient to change, and to always be making time to read/take in new information…boy, howdy, was that ever salient advice!” – Geoffrey Peace, Faller Davis

Ideal for managers, supervisors, team leaders and top performers.

Program Overview:

  • Total of 42 virtual session hours held on a pre-selected day of the month. Ex: 9-11:00 AM PST. (2nd Wednesday)
  • Two 2-hour foundational sessions that provide an overview of the program along with team assignments, expectations and outcomes.
  • Four 2-hour Understanding Self and Others sessions where participants will learn about themselves and others and apply what they’ve learned using their TriMetrix assessments.
  • 2-hour Team Dynamics session where participants will learn about team formation, roles and responsibilities, sponsor responsibilities, communication and conflict matrix, and team expectations.
  • Nine monthly 2-hour Management Development sessions.
  • Two 1-hour Progress Check-ins on team project.
  • Four 2-hour sessions for Team Project Presentations and Graduation.
  • Detailed schedule including list of Management Development topic areas can be found under “Course Schedule”.

Participant Requirements:

  • Complete a TriMetrix Assessment prior to the start of the program (included in price).
  • Read the book “Crucial Conversations” for the session on that topic (book is provided as part of program materials).
  • Complete individual and team assignments between virtual monthly sessions. The more you put in, the more you get out.
  • Commit to attend all sessions, be prepared and participate actively in discussions.
  • As part of an assigned team, complete a project that results in either cost savings or process improvements for each organization. Each team presents their project and outcomes prior to graduation.


Program Start – Foundation:

Oct 30: Foundation Session Part 1

Nov 6: Foundation Session Part 2

Understanding Self and Others (USO):

Nov 13: USO part 1

Nov 20: USO part 2

SKIP Thanksgiving Week

Dec 4: USO part 3

Dec 11: USO part 4

Team Dynamics:

Dec 18: Team Dynamics

Chapter 1: Jan 8, 2020 – The Ever-Changing Managerial Role

Chapter 2: Feb 12, 2020 – The Manager as a Leader

* Project Status Meeting (1 hour) Date TBD

Chapter 3: Mar 11, 2020 – Goal Setting for Success

Chapter 4: Apr 8, 2020 – Managing your Time

Chapter 5: May 13, 2020 – Motivation and Confidence

Chapter 6: June 10, 2020 – Decision Making

* Project Status Meeting (1 hour) Date TBD

Chapter 7: July 8, 2020 – Transactional Analysis for Managers

Chapter 8: Aug 12, 2020 – Communications

Chapter 9: Sept 9, 2020 – Crucial Conversations

Conclusion: Oct 2020 – Team Projects/Summary. Final Dates TBD


  • $2795 per participant.
  • Early registration discount available!
  • 10% discount for additional employees from the same company. No more than 4 employees from one company. If you have more than 4 employees, please contact us for more options.
  • Special Pricing Available for Non-Profits.


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2020-4-302020-4-30America/New_York Virtual Management Development Program Online
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