Creating and Administering a Pay System, Legally & Equitably

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  • May 13, 2021
  • Online

Attend this training to avoid inconsistencies in your pay system, and to understand how to avoid legal and motivation issues with your organization’s pay. Errors in pay administration can be costly, both in legal contests and in disengagement and turnover of employees.

  • Learn the elements necessary for a legally compliant pay system
  • Discuss common misunderstandings and hazards
  • Learn why market pay rates are not enough to determine your organization’s pay rates
  • Understand effective administrative guidelines for employee pay
  • Analyze issues with pay challenges, such as sales and executive compensation
  • Understand Pay Equity and how it applies to offers and increases
  • Discuss Pay Equity typical pay scenarios

Training will include activities and discussions of pay concerns, including how to make sure your pay system is legal and effective. Q & A session included.

Participants will receive a list of Pay System Components and a Sample List of Pay Administration Guidelines.

  • Registration open! 

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2021-5-132021-5-13America/New_York Creating and Administering a Pay System, Legally & Equitably Online
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