An Individual Does Not Live by Emotional Intelligence Alone

Monday Message from Jerry Houston, President and CEO of HPISolutions

I have been talking about Emotional Intelligence (EQ) this quarter and it occurred to me I may be misleading all of my readers!

Emotional Intelligence is certainly a major factor when it comes to understanding how a person acts and reacts to stimulus in the environment… but it does not stand alone.  There is a definite correlation between the Emotional Quotient (EQ) of a person and other factors.

If, behaviorally, a person is very extroverted (high in Dominance and Influencing) and low in Steadiness and Compliance in their behavioral design, it is likely that their Emotional Intelligence will play out in a more dramatic way (unless they have very high self-regulation and are able to control emotional impulses).

If a person has Driving Forces (motivators) that are very commanding, for example, this a person who wants to be in control, in charge, and can further impact how their EQ plays out.

If a person is not particularly empathetic or does not have a good sense of self, it is likely that this will further impact their Emotional Intelligence.

And, finally, if a person’s level of stress they are experiencing is in the significant or severe range there will definitely be an adverse impact regarding their overall EQ.

When we look at a human being we must do so from a variety of perspectives, and this explains why HPISolutions takes a multi-factor view of an individual to gain as much perspective as possible about who that person is, how they are likely to react, and how much of an impact that Emotional Intelligence plays in terms of how a person manages who they are, in a productive way.

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