Do Entrepreneurs Need a Coach?

Monday Message from Jerry Houston, President and CEO of HPISolutions

Books for entrepreneursIn the fall of 2020, I published a book entitled, “The Eccentric Entrepreneur.”  Why this title, you might ask?  The word Eccentric can be taken in a lot of different ways.  Different, odd, a little left of center, peculiar… you get the idea.  This title was a careful decision, but I wanted to be sure that if you were entering the world of entrepreneurism you were going to need to think outside the box on a regular basis.

To be sure, entrepreneurism is not for sissies! For most of us, it means venturing out on our own, willing to “risk it all” for something we believe in.  This is certainly true, however, being “on your own” doesn’t mean “by yourself.”  So what are the key ingredients to becoming a successful entrepreneur? (This is where I should shamelessly suggest that you buy my book in the Amazon store!)  Short of that, here are some key factors that must be considered when you are embarking on your entrepreneurial journey:

  • Understand your why. Before doing anything else, determine the purpose of your business and what value you will bring to the world.
  • Understand that you need to take the plunge. Challenge yourself to determine if you have the courage to succeed, despite any obstacles that will land in your path.
  • Evaluate the risks, and determine if you can live with the “worst thing that can happen.”
  • Understand your market. Who are your potential customers and how will you reach them?  If you believe it’s the people you have already served through your current or previous job, think again!
  • No one goes it alone… not really. Who will you partner with, formally or informally, to bring your customers or clients what they need to fulfill your services to them?
  • Deal with everyone in a spirit of Mutual Benefit, Respect and Trust. Not to do so will dismantle relationships you will need to reach your purpose.
  • Be sure you have a trusted advisor, mentor or coach who will help you be accountable and focused on the goals and objectives you have established that will take your business where you want it to go. Hiring a coach is not an expense item… it is an investment.

Being an Eccentric Entrepreneur isn’t easy, but done right, it will be the most fulfilling work you will ever perform.

Have a Great Week!

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