Everyone in the HPISolutions Leadership Team is tasked with different responsibilities with regard to the production of our weekly Ezine, Power Ideas. It struck us that we are in our 26th year of writing Power Ideas each and every week (somewhere around 1300 issues!). Our fearless leader, Jerry Houston has the assignment of writing the opening and closing articles of each quarter based on the theme that was selected (more like debated!) by the team. At the start of this the 2nd Quarter of 2018, we talked about a lot of ideas and settled, once again, on the whole of idea of managing and leading, and how we can all be continuous effective learners…always honing our skills. We hope you enjoy this series.

I hope you are all satisfied; that is to say, you have managed to keep challenging us to write meaningful articles, that help you to be better managers and leaders, and help you to focus on those areas of managing and leading that will give you that razors edge as you perform one of the most challenging jobs there is….Managing the myriad of tasks and actions required to keep your business at the top of its game, and inspiring those who work for you to give you the best they have to offer.

How do we do this? It’s simple… sort of… presuming that you are open-minded and adaptable. The world of business moves at a dizzying pace and you must be armed with skills and attitudes that help you drive your organization forward to optimum performance. The key factors that we think about here at HPISolutions are:

1. Consider the possibilities – Critical thinking skills are essential to turn things upside down and inside out to come up with the best possible scenario to solve problems.
2. Be decisive – In order to get things done, someone has to make the final decision….and that final decision-maker is you!
3. Be a strong communicator – It does absolutely no good to lead if no one follows. You must communicate your message loud and clear… and often to be sure others understand the mission.
4. Be courageous – There is an old saying that a ship in a harbor is a safe place, but that is not what ships are for. In the end, decision-making always comes with some level of risk. Do you have the courage to weigh those risks against the benefits of action and move forward?
5. Be inspirational – Let’s face it…NOBODY LIKES A WIMP! We inspire others by being courageous and decisive, by doing our homework, and by leading by example. Are you ready to inspire others to accomplishments greater than they thought possible?

We hope you will truly enjoy this series on Enhancing Your Management and Leadership Skills. Don’t forget we are always here to help, or just to chat about your feelings regarding this important topic.