Why is Professional Development so important to your organization?

The battle is on to attract and retain the very best talent in your organization. One of the keys to winning that battle is the ability to provide continuous effective learning to your employees.

  • Do your employees regularly request additional training and development?
  • Do you find yourself spending resources (time and money) sending employees to a variety of “training” opportunities?
  • Do you find it difficult (maybe impossible) to determine whether the investment of time and money is providing a reasonable ROI?
  • Do you find that, despite your best efforts, employees are still leaving for “greener pastures?”

Of course talent attraction and retention is not just a matter of providing developmental opportunities (it is, however, a significant factor). Your compensation system needs to be competitive. Your ability to understand the needs of the position, matched with the behaviors, motivators, attributes and emotional intelligence of the candidates or incumbents, and the ability to correctly onboard new team members is also critical to success.

Learning and Development is, if done correctly, tailored to the specific outcomes you are trying to accomplish. Investigating through your people what they see as a value add in their learning is important. Further, understanding what skills and development will help you to have a competitive edge in the marketplace is critical.

At HPISolutions we are not in the “training game.” We are developers of potential for our client organizations. We believe that the first step to creating an effective learning and development program is to analyze what is happening now, what the ideal looks like, and how we organize the continuous learning to increase productivity, decrease waste, and improve sustainable profit and growth. We believe in the concept of spaced repetition methodology to be sure that learning principles are anchored in real-life experiences in and outside of the classroom (be it live or virtual).

Take a journey through our Learning and Development section of the website to see some examples of continuous learning opportunities. Then, contact us to talk about your organization’s specific needs and wants, and allow us to diagnose, prescribe, build a treatment plan, and create a measurement and tracking system that assures a reasonable Return on Investment (ROI) for your efforts and resources.

Contact us today to talk more about how HPISolutions can assist you in increasing professional development in your organization.