There is no room for emotions in decision-making

Are you kidding me?  The opposite is actually true.

Have you ever wondered why some people over-react, even to minor stressors?  Do you wonder why you feel certain emotions, yet don’t understand where they are coming from or how to deal with them?  Do you find it difficult, at times, to understand where others are coming from, and why you don’t seem to be connecting?

All of these questions (and more) become clearer when you understand your own emotions, their impact on others, and understanding the emotions of others can get into the doorway of how to act and react from an emotional perspective for improved interactions and communications.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power of emotions to increase levels of collaboration and productivity with others.  Research tells us that the most successful people and leaders have well-developed emotional intelligence skills.  Honing these skills helps you to work well with a wide variety of people and do so with a high level of emotional maturity.

What is very significant is that we all have the ability to improve our emotional intelligence, which helps us to understand our moods, sense of awareness, ability to regulate our emotions, improve our internal motivation, and, in reference to interactions with others from both a social awareness and social regulation perspective, connect with others at a level that makes them feel valued.

Here at HPISolutions, we have assisted hundreds of people to improve their emotional quotient, and thereby their emotional intelligence, which has led to a much more balanced life, better understanding of self and others, and has opened the gates of opportunity for additional responsibility and success in our personal and professional lives.  We invite you to visit this link, and to enroll in our first-ever live, online course on Emotional Intelligence, beginning August 11th.

You can find out what so many of our clients already have, that you possess a great capacity to improve your emotional quotient, increasing your personal happiness and career success through improved interaction with others.  Not only is there room for emotions in decision-making, it is impossible to make decisions without it.

Download the program brochure for Emotional Intelligence or visit our Upcoming Events page for more information on the Emotional Intelligence course starting August 11, 2020.