We don’t know if there is anyone more knowledgeable than our own Senior Strategic Partner, Charles Parnell, when it comes to understanding the strategies behind hiring and retaining employees.  After over 20 years in Human Resources Management for Dial Corporation, Charles has literally seen it all.  In addition, Charles teaches a wide variety of HR related courses for the University of Phoenix.  Our advice – pay attention to what Charles is telling us in this week’s Power Idea….it will help your competitive posture as you hire and retain the best and the brightest for your team.

The discourse regarding the USA economy is that it’s improving and will continue to improve in 2016. Organizations are gearing up for a hiring campaign as they attempt to gain market share and enter in new markets. One thought that executives are discussing is – how to attract and retain superior talent. It will be critical for their long term success.

Here are some tips in effective hiring:

  • Understand some typical hiring problems – judging on the ability to get the job and not do the job, hiring based on first impressions and relying on “gut “feelings
  • Understand the hiring process – conduct a job analysis, source and market the position, identify assessment methods and interviewers, develop behavioral and performance based interviews, evaluate candidates, check references and offer the job to the best – qualified candidate (job qualifications and sharing your work values)
  • Develop sizzling and catchy ads that focus on the description of: learning, doing and becoming
  • Utilize assessment methods: written assessments, work simulations, assessment centers, TriMetrix System, physical exams, personal history assessments, background checks and reference checks
  • Understand that past performance is the best predictor of future performance
  • Understand some common hiring mistakes: valuing style over substance, interviewing not knowing the job, over-qualifying the position, asking questions that imply desired behavior, making decisions based on 1st impressions, hiring people who are like you, believing everything the candidates say, not agreeing as to what the job entails and asking questions that are not legal

We know that the retention of employees is a human resources strategy that contributes to the effectiveness of an organization. The purpose of employee retention is to: lower costs associated with turnover, increase customer and employee satisfaction, increase productivity and the quality of products and services and increase financial success. Here are some tips on effective employee retention:

  • Hire the “right “person
  • Provide a formal orientation program and establish realistic expectations
  • Provide training, education and development
  • Make rewards and recognition count
  • Build trustworthy and loyal relationships with staff
  • Promote a company culture of participation
  • Offer equity and ownership
  • Create career challenges and promotions from within
  • Pay market wages and better
  • Offer deferred bonuses and stocks
  • Improve perks and benefits
  • Improve communication
  • Create a flexible work environment
  • Consider employee contracts
  • Make employee retention a priority
  • Treat employees like you treat your most valuable client
  • Get employees to participate in developing retention strategies
  • Develop and commit to work life programs
  • Remember the “fun factor” is very important
  • Create and maintain a culture of learning, doing and becoming

There is documented evidence that hiring and retaining the “right” person will contribute materially to your organizational success in the following ways:

  • Achieving organizational goals and objectives
  • Minimizing recruiting costs
  • Achieving and retaining customers
  • Increasing customer loyalty
  • Improving employee morale
  • Mitigating organization risks
  • Increasing productivity, market share and shareholder value
  • Minimizing complaints and law suits
  • Increasing the team’s synergy
  • Making your job easier

Give the foregoing tips serious consideration in light of their proven value. They will pay tangible dividends as you pursue your strategic goals for 2016 and beyond.

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