Does Your Company Hire or Settle?

Senior Strategic Partner, Laura Dillingham, is right on with some very thought provoking questions regarding hiring. Enjoy her article on getting clarity on job requirements, not just on skills, experience or education, but also on matching the behavioral needs of the position to the person. 

You would think that in today’s economy potential employees would be knocking on the door of your business, and they may be. If so, why is hiring more of a headache than it’s ever been?

Take a moment and ask yourself some questions? Do companies, specifically your company, compete for top talent in the market today? Does the type of business your company is engaged in make a difference? Does the company’s location impact the prospective talent pool? Do you have several employees responding to job postings or are they lined up outside the door? Are the potential employees qualified and if not, why? And lastly, do you know what the job requires including the type of candidate?

Probably some of the most important questions you should be asking yourself are what has the turnover and success rate been for this position and why? Have the Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) defined the job requirements? How much time has the organization spent on defining the job requirements, defining the work environment and defining the ideal candidate?

Acquiring talent is critical to any business. So how come methods of hiring haven’t kept up with the times and don’t reflect the criticality? Currently organizations are doing more with less and that could be a reason. Human Resources are suffering cuts and an increase in responsibilities also, so they may not be tracking the costs of hiring, training and losing employees and that may be another reason. (Did you know that one bad hire alone can cost a company anywhere from $50,000 to $150,000?) There are a multitude of potential employees applying for the same job and that may be even another reason. Or, they may all be the reasons and there may be even more.

Every company should have a proven process in place for finding and acquiring talent. The process should be based on the job requirements and ideal candidate. I know you’re saying “ok, we can define the job and we have, but finding the ideal candidate, that is almost impossible.”

It might have been previously, but that’s no longer the case. HPISolutions uses a proven process to define the job and hire the ideal candidate. We call it Job Benchmarking. We have chosen to use this process because it works! It works because it takes the guess work out of hiring. It has also been proven repeatedly through the continuous use of it by clients.

Job Benchmarking focuses on defining the requirements of the job, defining the work environment and then finding the right person or talent to fit the company and the job. It takes the guess work out of hiring so companies can go from settling to hiring. All it takes is trying the process once and you will be able to see the results for yourself.

Give us a call or send an email today. We would love to show you how you can make the right hire EVERY TIME with this proven process. What have you got to lose? I’d like to suggest that your company will stop losing time, money, talent and get rid of the frustration. We’d like to show you how.