Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Leadership… It Matters!

Power Idea by Tammy Bryant, Alliance Partner of HPISolutions

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Leadership… It Matters!

This week has been filled with hate crimes, racism and violence.  After the weekend’s mass shooting and hate crimes, inclusive leadership is paramount.  Employees are dealing with fear, grief, anxiety and a host of other fears.  It is your responsibility as a leader to practice what you have learned about diversity, equity and inclusion and to lead with diversity. Now is the time to lead from the heart.

Diversity is understanding every individual is unique, while recognizing our differences are deeply rooted in our internal, external, organizational, and world views.  Equity-first organizations create cultures where everyone in the workplace receives respectful treatment and everyone has equal access to opportunities.  By acknowledging structural and organizational imbalances, you will naturally discover inclusive leadership. Inclusion is when everyone in your organization feels a sense of belonging and there are opportunities to voice opinions without feeling excluded based on identity.  Diversity without inclusion is meaningless.

Leaders, be mindful of how you engage others, be mindful of how biases will show up in you, in others and in groups.  As inclusive leaders, now more than ever, give everyone in your organization a voice.  Be reminded diversity, equity and inclusion are inherently related, but they are also distinct concepts.  The benefits of inclusive leadership will not only be felt by the organization, but by each and every employee.  Your organizational care, culture and competency will feed into your unique definition of diversity, equity and inclusion.  Diversity, equity and inclusion are how you strategically position your organization to have a competitive advantage and how you make your core values and mission come to life.

Inclusive leadership elevates equity, activates diversity and creates a culture that leads with inclusion.  As we process the recent acts of violence and hate, be mindful as leaders and organizations to:

  • anticipate valued contributions of our differences, while acknowledging our biases
  • focus on our strengths
  • foster cultures for “best selves” to flourish
  • invest in strategic DEI best practices
  • rewrite the script
  • mobilize DEI resources in sustainable ways
  • ask yourself… what specific actions can I take to foster inclusive leadership

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Leadership… It Matters!

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  • Diane Janovsky

    This excellent article does a great job of clarifying how Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are related but different. It also highlights how important it is to have a purpose/mission and values in place that provide a foundation for a healthy culture and sustainable DEI efforts.

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