Disengagement – the Next Pandemic?

By: Jerry Houston, CEO of HPISolutions

Last Monday I talked about the idea of ARE YOU READY?  I promised my readers that I AM READY and am invigorated and excited about 2021. On February 2 at 9:00 am MST we will be offering a no-cost webinar on the subject of Disengagement.  Note that we call this topic, DISENGAGEMENT – the Next Pandemic?

Why would I call disengagement a potential pandemic?  Easy.  The world has gone through an incredible experience with COVID-19.  In addition to the tragedy of illness and loss, the world economy has been wrecked by this world-wide plague.  Many people have lost their jobs, their homes, and hope.  The world of work has changed forever.  More people will work from home than ever before and virtual learning and interaction are here to stay.  For those who have, or are returning to the workplace after almost a full year of lockdown, it is a tough transition.  People are disenfranchised and fearful of the future.  They are struggling to meet family needs and the needs of their organizations.  It is challenging to focus on organizational objectives at this time.

Organizations are struggling to put all of the pieces back together and to determine what the new year will bring.  All of this, and the usual reasons why people become disengaged, are present and need to be taken seriously to avoid a pandemic of disengagement moving forward.

Those who sign up to attend our webinar will learn more about the topic of disengagement and the 5 factors of being a more engaged workplace, whether that means onsite or online.  We will also be looking for your input to this discussion as we all search for the best strategies to overcome the challenges of a disengaged workforce.  Please email us here right away to secure your seat in this important discussion.

Have A Great Week!