By Jerry Houston, CEO of HPISolutions

One of the most significant things that happen in a democracy is the transition of power that occurs when administrations change.  When the team shows up it is what I refer to as an opportunity moment.  It is a time to set the tone for how we will conduct ourselves and what is acceptable to the leader, and what is not. Did you hear it?

This is not a political statement and I am not taking sides in the political landscape of our country.  I am, however, a student of human behavior, and especially the behavior of leaders.

One of the activities that occurred yesterday was the new President welcoming his new work team (almost 1000 strong) and what his expectations would be and how excited he was to be working with all of them.  That said, he issued a warning… ”if I catch any of you disrespecting any of your colleagues, or anyone else, I will fire you on the spot.”

One of the things that create strong employee engagement is setting the tone and the expectations for how we will work together.  In my book, “The Eccentric Entrepreneur,” I talk about Mutual Benefit, Respect and Trust.  This concept is the underpinning of the HPISolutions organization.  It is built on the idea that mutual benefit comes from seeking a win-win with others in all interactions.  Mutual respect comes from believing all people have value and are entitled to their viewpoints, so long as they are not forced on others, and mutual trust requires that people speak the truth and do what they say they are going to do.  Does anyone do this 100% of the time… of course not, but the intent is what counts.

It is really simple, and great leaders get it and live by it, and hold others accountable for their interactions with others.

Have a Great Week.