DEALING WITH DIFFICULT EMPLOYEES is a challenging topic. Think for a minute about how much time you as a leader spend on the difficult person(s) on your team. Yet, does the person have redeeming employment value…the answer is usually yes. This is why it is so tough to let go when you know in your heart that the person adds value to the team, yet creates a great deal of havoc for you and the rest of your group. CEO and Founder of HPISolutions, Jerry Houston, has some thoughts about this important issue in ongoing Workforce Development. Enjoy this week’s Power Idea.

Ah, the employee from Hell. Just have another episode in the ongoing saga of difficulties with “Joe” (we’ll call him that for the sake of anonymity!)? Who did he tick off today? Your boss? Her boss? A customer? A co-worker?   Another mess to clean up. Another hour of your time to talk to “Joe” and give him one more final warning. Sound familiar? It happens every day in thousands of organizations all over the world. What do you, as a manager or the HR Director do to resolve the situation? Suspension, Termination?   Transfer? Quoting one of my favorite partners, Charles Parnell, does “Joe” have redeeming employment value? If the answer is no, it’s time to send “Joe” packing. If the answer is yes, there are other solutions.

  1. First you must determine if “Joe “is a behavioral fit for the job. Does he possess the types of behaviors, motivators and personal skill attributes demanded by a particular job? How do you do that? Organize a group of Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) who understand the job thoroughly and conduct a process called JOB BENCHMARKING, and produce Key Accountabilities and a Master Job Profile to use in evaluating “Joe’s” fit to the position.
  2. Once a benchmark is in place, assess “Joe” by utilizing HPISolutions patented TriMetrix Assessment to compare to the benchmark and determine fit.
  3. If “Joe” is in range of the job needs, create a developmental improvement plan with clear expectations. This means he rises to the expectations of the position, or he is released from the organization. Typically 3-6 months is allowed for this process.
  4. A second option is to hire a coach to work with “Joe.” Only do this if you value the skills, education and experience that “Joe” brings to the position. Professional Coaching is a very good method to turn employees around who have great value, but have attitudinal issues that get in the way of superior performance.

In the end, a person needs to connect attitudinally with the job they are in. When there is a mis-match, you will know it. You feel the real impact of a disconnect and it will consume your management time and your resources. If “Joe” has to go, be sure to use our patented Job Matching System to hire his replacement. You will be glad you did.

Have a Great Week!

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