CRITICAL PATH II: Five Generations in Today’s Workforce: The Traditionalists, by Laura Dillingham

In today’s world there is a lot of pressure on businesses. Businesses are dealing with a global market, partnerships, interdependencies and connectivity. A critical piece of increased demands is the use of technology. Overall most businesses are doing more with less; however, programs and processes have not kept up.

While some generations may have an advantage because they have grown up using technology and have never known a world without it, they may not understand the social piece. Specifically, how social collaboration tools work in a business environment. This is new to most businesses and everyone is trying to catch up and figure out what it means to their organization.

Let’s look at each of the five generations starting with Traditional and discover their values and strengths, beliefs and what shaped them. The Traditionalists (also known as Veterans, Matures, the Silent Generation and the Greatest Generation) are those workers born between 1900 and 1945 and number roughly 52 million people.

Some well-known people born in the Traditionalist era are Queen Elizabeth, Louis Armstrong (Singer), Spencer Tracy, (Actor), Bob Hope (Comedian), Ed Sullivan (TV Host), Charles Lindbergh (Pilot), and Walt Disney (Business Magnate, Cartoonist, Filmmaker, Philanthropist, Voice Actor).

As we continue looking at the generations, take some time to look at what interests your employees have at work and in their personal lives; know and understand your employee’s life paths, core values and their beliefs. More importantly, look at the best way to understand, appreciate, communicate and build a cohesive and productive environment.

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