Generation Z (also known as Gen Z) are those workers born between the mid-1990’s to early 2000’s and depending on the final dates the number will either be the smaller generation or will roughly be about 2 billion people. Let’s continue looking at this generation in today’s workforce and discover their values, strengths, beliefs and what shaped them.

Generation Z in the workforce


  • prefer texting
  • uses social media interaction
  • expect instant communication
  • open collaboration
  • world-wide
  • high tech/hyper-connected

Well-known and influential people born in the Generation Z era are Malala Yousafzai (Nobel, laureate, best-selling author, more than a dozen awards including a Shorty Award for Best in Activism, started the Malala fund is a global movement that fights for a world where 130 million girls worldwide can learn and lead without fear), Haile Thomas (Health Activist, Lifestyle/Travel), Zendaya (Entrepreneur, Actress, Singer), Larsen Thompson (Dancer, Model), Selah Marley (Model, Singer), Luka Sabbat (Entrepreneur, Stylist, Creative Consultant, Design Director, Actor, Model), Yara Shahidi (Actress, Activist) and Baby Ariel (Entrepreneur, Singer, Videographer, and Choreographer).

Humanity has always look to its young people for innovation. However, today it’s happening faster and more frequently than ever before. The world is becoming more transparent and everyone is looking for cues on how to use and leverage technology. All generations will be influenced in the way we live, make friends and develop relationships, travel, work and more by emerging generations.