CRITICAL PATH II: Five Generations in Today’s Workforce: Generation Y, by Laura Dillingham

Generation Y (also known as Millennials, Net-sters, the Internet Generation and the Echo Boomers) are those workers born between 1981 and 1996 and number roughly 75 million people. Let’s continue looking at this generation in today’s workforce and discover their values, strengths, beliefs and what shaped them.

Generation Y in the workforce

• computers
• internet has always been a part of their lives
• they prefer to communicate using technology
• telecommute/work from home
• prefer instant recognition and feedback

Some well-known people born in the Generation Y era are Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa (Baseball Players), Hope Solo (Soccer Player), Beyoncé Knowles and Lady Gaga (Singer, Actress), Frankie Grande (Web Video Star), Philippe Cousteau Jr. (Oceanographer), Marcel Vigneron (Chef), Eli Manning (Football Player), Jon McLaughlin (Reporter), Serena Williams (Tennis Player) and Prince William and Kate Middleton (Future King and Queen of England).

Next we’ll look at the core values, strengths, traits and more of Generation Z. As we continue looking at each generation, we suggest taking the time to look at what interests your employees have at work and in their personal lives; know and understand your employee’s life paths, core values and their beliefs. More importantly, look at the best way to understand, appreciate, communicate and build a cohesive and productive environment.