Generation X (also known as Xers) are those workers born between 1965 and 1980 and number roughly 70 million people. Let’s continue looking at this generation in today’s workforce and discover their values, strengths, beliefs and what shaped them.

Generation X in the workforce

Some well-known people born in the Generation X era are J.K. Rowling (Author), Tiger Woods (Professional Golfer), Michael Bublé (Singer), Alex Rodriguez (Professional Baseball Player), Peter Thiel (Co-founder of PayPal), Carla Bruni (first Lady of France) and Deion Sanders (Professional Football Player).

Next we’ll look at the core values, strengths, traits and more of Generation Y.  As we continue looking at each generation, we suggest taking the time to look at what interests your employees have at work and in their personal lives; know and understand your employee’s life paths, core values and their beliefs. More importantly, look at the best way to understand, appreciate, communicate and build a cohesive and productive environment.