Critical Path II Developing and Retaining Talent – Series Wrap-Up, by Jerry Houston

Over the last quarter, we have brought forth a series of articles designed to help our readers understand various ideas and concepts that would assist them in the continuous development of their new hires and knowing how to create the right environment for the various generations that work inside of all of our organizations.

We dealt with topics such as the fact that there are five generations in the workplace and that each has its own needs with regard to work. We talked about the characteristics of dynamic leaders; how to recognize what motivates individuals to come to work for you in the first place, how they stay because they feel valued, and how they remain engaged and excited about their roles in your business.

This, coupled with the previous quarter’s topic (Critical Path I) that focused on hiring the right talent and onboarding them correctly, means that we have focused our writing efforts for the past six months on the idea that there is a continuum when it comes to hiring, onboarding, orienting, developing and retaining people continuously if you want to be among the best places to work in America.

We hope you have enjoyed this series, and if you want to look back at any of the articles on these topics, simply click on the Power Ideas tab on the navigation menu.

We are working on the theme for the final quarter of the year and hope you continue to follow our writings and feel free to leave your opinions and comments on what you are reading. We all learn from each other.