This is a special release of Power Ideas from our CEO and Founder, Jerry Houston.  This is a must-read for all of our Power Idea fans.  Before you dive into this article, a quick note about our continuing interactions with all of our clients and partners.

The Leadership Team at HPISolutions has taken a position with our own team, that no one is expected to put themselves in harm’s way through traveling and other interacting situations that could bring possible risk to themselves or others.  We are working on strategies to do as much business activity as possible via technology to protect our clients, their employees, and our team.  We are well positioned to deliver many services over video technology and other methods and continue to be available as you continue to run your businesses through this difficult time and to work together to maintain a strong economy coming out of this experience.

The past few weeks have been interesting, to say the least.  The world is being brought to a virtual standstill by this fast-paced disease and while our first priority here at HPISolutions is the safety and well-being of our clients and staff, I cannot help but watch the human reaction to this crisis from the perspective of a person who has studied human behavior for most of his life.

There is a human science called Maslow’s Hierarchy.  Abraham Maslow is an American Psychologist (1908 – 1970) who was best known for creating a hierarchy of needs, a theory of psychological health predicated on fulfilling innate human needs in priority, culminating in self-actualization.

The first level of the hierarchy is basic needs or survival.  When an activity such as the Coronavirus is going on, what do we witness?  Hoarding groceries, even to the extent of battling each other for that extra roll of toilet paper.  If everyone took just two of everything, returning when they need more, everyone would have the same amount.  However, survival of the fittest has taken over, and some people will just have to do without in favor of those who want to hoard.  The second level is safety and security.  This is the need that is satisfied when we have insurance coverage, a safe home and car, a job, and so on.  When these things are threatened, we fall back down to level one.  The third level is social acceptance.  We all want to be accepted.  We want to have friends and a social life, both at work and at home.  Think how threatened that is right now when we are being asked to stay home.  The fourth level is self-esteem, and we get much of our self-esteem through our interactions with others, so it is natural to be impacted by the current events.  Of course, the fifth and final level is self-actualization….that is not what is on our minds right now.


It is fairly easy to lead when everything is going well.  We have all witnessed a pretty significant lack of leadership in the world, and more important to us Americans, in our federal government in this pandemic.  Now, certainly, leaders are beginning to emerge as the reality of the situation is taking control of our lives in this country.  Leaders must be courageous, focused, empathetic, but must DO THE RIGHT THINGS RIGHT, and provide a CALM RESOLVE that everything will be ok, so long as we work together.  If ever there was a time for great leaders, THE TIME IS NOW.