Becoming a Results-Based Leader

Leadership is all about results… unfortunately the desired results are not always well defined or understood by those on the team that must execute on the activities that should lead to the desired outcomes.  Senior Strategic Partner, Charles Parnell shares his extensive experience and provides some important suggestions to become a results-based leader.  Enjoy this week’s Power Idea.

Becoming a Results-Based Leader

Any person currently in a leadership position can modify his or her behavior to better focus on results and take charge of his or her own leadership development to become a more effective results-based leader. Most leaders receive countless invitations to attend leadership development seminars and conferences. The content is often very tempting, but they fail to produce measurable results. The theories and concepts may be interesting and the proposed attributes and behaviors compelling, but participants do not improve their performance.

The discourse in the country is steady and clear – the world is dynamic and not static. We’re experiencing change at warp speed. We see technological advancements impact the way we do business domestically and globally – so we need impactful leaders. They must get results and develop their people. Here are a few suggestions that can be implemented by any leader occupying a leadership position that will modify and improve performance:

  • Begin with an absolute focus on results
  • Clearly and specifically communicate expectations and targets to people on your team
  • Define the desired results – set goals
  • Ensure that your goals are aligned with organizational goals
  • Determine what you need to do personally to improve your results
  • Engage in developmental activities and opportunities that will help you produce results
  • Know and use every team member’s capabilities to the fullest and provide everyone with appropriate developmental opportunities
  • Grow leadership qualities in people – you will see results
  • Seek feedback from others in the organization about ways you and your group can improve your outcomes
  • Model the methods and strive for the results you want your team to achieve
  • Follow predetermined processes that have yielded tangible results heretofore.
  • Develop and implement metrics to measure and track activities that are aimed at outcomes

As we move forward in this century and beyond, organizations will face continuing pressure to produce quality products and service. The competition domestically and globally will be fierce. Customer demands will be greater. Shareholders will demand more. The organizations that survive will have results-based leadership – it will determine their direction, impact and success. So, let’s all focus intently on the critical value of results-based leadership.

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