Be the CHANGE that you wish to see in the world

Monday Message from Jerry Houston, President and CEO of HPISolutions

Be the CHANGE that you wish to see in the world.

~Mahatma Gandhi

Over the past several weeks we have had a lot to say about asking you to get out of your comfort zone and embrace the idea that in order to survive and prosper in these turbulent, post-pandemic times, it is necessary to take a hard look at how you view your organization’s purpose, its people (and how they are lead), the pace at which you should travel, the need for creativity and innovation (perception), and how all this must be supported by the organization’s resources (profits) as you forge a very different trail than may have been necessary prior to the last two years.

What we are talking about is CHANGE.  Change is very scary at times.  It is going where “no man” has gone before.  It is turning things upside down and considering very different ways to approach the world of work.  That might mean embracing work from home, a hybrid, or some other accommodation.  It might mean rethinking how people need to be compensated, and what that means to changes in productivity, and new methodologies.  It might impact the manner in which we build and support teams.

Years ago there was a famous book entitled, WHO MOVED MY CHEESE.  The premise was that there was old cheese in a location, however, the old cheese was no longer available.  And new cheese had to be discovered in a different location.  Rather than look for the new cheese location, some were stubborn and insisted on staying in the old location waiting for the old cheese to return.  The story does not end well!  The moral of the story?  Not changing is not an option… the cheese has moved!WHO MOVED MY CHEESE?

Have a great week!