As Goes The Leader, So Goes The Crew

Monday Message from Jerry Houston, President and CEO of HPISolutions

As goes the leader, so goes the crew. This saying rings truer than we sometimes think.  After over 29 years in the consulting industry, I have learned to have a keen eye in the observation of leaders.

Some of this observation happens when taking a tour through company facilities.  You can learn a lot about the leader by observing the interactions they have with the people in their organization along the tour route.  Do they make eye contact?  Do they use the employee’s name?  Do they acknowledge the employee at all?  Do they allow the employee to describe the task or activity that is taking place?  In other words, do they demonstrate how much they value the employees who work for them?

Another hallmark moment of what not to do was during my time as an upper-middle manager in an organization some years ago.  The organization was about to do a workforce reduction.  The CEO recorded a video message and read from a script about how he valued everyone.  He went on to say that these were tough times and that there would need to be sacrifice from people at all levels.  That same afternoon, he took delivery of a new company Mercedes.

Moral of these stories?  It isn’t as much what we say as what we do.  Our actions speak volumes.  Leaders must exemplify the behaviors they expect from others.  Not to do so is… well, hypocritical.  Our ability to communicate clearly and with integrity is essential if we want our people to follow us into battle every day.

Have a Great Week!


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