As a Leader, do you do it on PURPOSE?

Monday Message from Jerry Houston, President and CEO of HPISolutions

Leadership is a sticky wicket.  Leadership demands technical know-how, you need to be a psychologist, and a soothsayer, and sometimes a priest!  But what comes first, in order to lead effectively?


What is the purpose of your business, and for that matter for yourself?  At HPISolutions our vision of ourselves, or our Purpose is:

To enable behavior change in individuals

and teams, so that people and organizations

can realize their highest potential.

We see this purpose statement as a sacred trust.  Clients entrust their people to us in order for us to assist in the creation of an environment that allows everyone on the team to maximize their effectiveness in the organization.  And so it goes with leaders in your organization.

It is critical that you and your team have clarity around why you exist as an organization.  What value do you bring to others; your employees, clients, community, the world?  Have you painted a picture of who you are?  Does that vision connect with how you behave?  Do you hold others accountable to the purpose that you express?

If you don’t start here, everything else will be unclear in everything you do.  And worse yet, as you grow, it will get muddier and muddier, until, at some point, you will implode, or at minimum cease to live up to your potential.  Think of organizations with great clarity of purpose; Amazon, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, for example.  And, think of other organizations such as Walgreens (now less than half the size of CVS), or Motorola (who invented the first cell phone and then lost control of the market).  Anybody remember a huge company named Kodak?

The moral of this story is that you must clearly define and communicate your purpose, and then live up to it.  Throughout the remainder of 2021, we are going to be communicating this and other leadership concepts that you must prioritize if you want to maximize the experience of running your business and also reaching your true potential.

Have a Great Week!