Are You Ready? – Monday Message

By: Jerry Houston, CEO of HPISolutions

I don’t know about you but I have already heard unending comments about how glad people are that 2020 is finally over.  This is as if the changing of the calendar has ended all things bad and that somehow all things good are on the way.  While we all wish this was true, we know, of course, that it is not necessarily so. Here’s my question for this first Business Day of 2021:  ARE YOU READY?

Ready for what, you say?  Are you ready to lead, follow, or get out of the way?  Are you ready to think differently about how we will work in this New Year?  Are you ready to make changes in your attitude that allow you to think about what is possible instead of what is not possible?  Are you ready to take the word can’t out of your vocabulary?

In life, the only certainty is CHANGE.  Not all change is good, but on the other hand, not all change is bad.  How do we glean from all of the noise in the world, noise in our lives, what to focus on?  Simple answer: focus on what you can do from where you are, to get where you would like to be.  Set your sails but be willing to adjust to the prevailing winds.  In the end, forward is forward, even though it will zig-zag all along the path.

As for me, I am excited about 2021.  I learned a great deal in 2020, and I have a clearer picture of what to do, and what not to do.  I am excited and invigorated about the potential of the New Year.

How about you?  ARE YOU READY?