Are You Engaged?

Monday Message from Jerry Houston, President and CEO of HPISolutions

I thought I would focus on a specific issue that ties into the People Module of The Prioritized Leader series we have been writing about.  It is impossible to meet your organizational purpose and your goals and objectives when the team is feeling disengaged… how do we know that people are disengaged?… Can you say THE GREAT RESIGNATION?

There are 8 main factors when we talk about employee engagement which corresponds to four key areas of what people need from their work-life experience.

Paying attention to these factors promotes trust, shared purpose, and improved performance among the workforce.  Investing in these efforts allows leaders to execute on strategy, development and culture-building.  Not to do so will greatly increase the possibility that employees will seek greener pastures.

Want to know more about a patented process from TTI Success Insights and Sicora Consulting?  Reach out to us for more information at about a new analytic tool called the 8 Factors of Engagement Profile for your team members, today.

Have a Great Week!