ARE YOU DISENGAGED? – Monday Message from Jerry Houston


What is disengagement? 

Why does it matter?

How can you impact your own engagement and that of others?

Disengagement is the action or process of withdrawing from involvement in a particular activity, situation, or group.  It is a process by which people gradually stop being involved in a conflict, activity, or organization.

Disengagement should matter very much to you and your organization.  Have you ever worked (or currently work) in a role that is not providing you with a sense of satisfaction, and the opportunity to feel valued and needed?  Have you ever given up and stated, “What’s the use?” or, “nobody cares anyway?”

What happens to productivity in the workplace?  How about the sense of respect and trust in the organization?  Are you displaying a good attitude or a bad-atude?

So, what can you do about this challenge of disengagement?  Frankly, get up or get out.  You are not adding value to your organization if you are disengaged; in fact, you are subtracting value.  If you are the leader, you have a responsibility to know if your people are engaged or disengaged and take action to talk with them and discover the reasons for how they are feeling. We may not control everything in our organization, but we do control how we react.  We can set the tone for finding out why we or our team are feeling disengaged and setting a course of action to change the circumstances.  Remember the old adage that you must, “Change the team, or Change the team!

Have a Great Week,


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