Are PEOPLE the Problem?

Monday Message from Jerry Houston, President and CEO of HPISolutions

“The only problem I deal with is PEOPLE!  If I didn’t have any, things would run a whole lot smoother!”

This is an actual statement from an actual client some years ago, and he wasn’t kidding.  His view as a leader was that people were at the base of why things did not seem to get done correctly.  He felt that people just don’t care.  He also lamented that people were too focused on emotions, instead of focusing on the facts and attacking challenges. He was only concerned about solutions and results. I think most of us know that this is a misguided view of an organization’s workforce.

Here are some facts:

  1. When people bring their skills, experience, education, attitudes, behaviors, motivators and personal soft skills to play, channeled correctly, the result is always far more effective and much more likely to be implemented and carried out.
  2. There is absolutely nothing wrong with conflict on a team, so long as it is conducted in an atmosphere of Mutual Benefit, Respect, and Trust. If we seek a win-win environment, everyone comes away feeling valued on the team.
  3. Assume best intent. People do not come to work thinking how they are going to mess things up, or do a poor job.  The vast majority of people want to make a difference, be a contributor to the organization’s success and be revered by their teammates.
  4. People value recognition and praise (some more publicly than others) and feel honored that others appreciate their contributions.
  5. People will follow a leader that inspires them, not perspires them! As Leaders, we inspire by encouraging, clearing obstacles from the path, providing resources that help them accomplish the work of the organization, and being there just to listen to their concerns.

Will there be someone who occasionally will not fit into the culture of the organization?  You bet.  And the sooner you move them on to other opportunities, the sooner you demonstrate to the rest of the team the standards that are required to be successful at your company.

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Have a Great Week!