Monday Message from Jerry Houston, President and CEO of HPISolutions

And the answer is… ? There are so many questions that leaders are struggling with during this time of significant change.

Many of the leaders that we talk with are asking how they as leaders can:

  • set priorities that will help them to add clarity for their teams,
  • ensure that the organization continues to be a viable company,
  • continue to show that the organization cares about its employees, and
  • ascertain the focus points that are important at this pivotal time

And yet… the Great Resignation continues. 

We thought we would share some questions, and invite our readers to attempt to answer them.  Maybe you even want to ask your people how they would answer them?  Here they are:

    1. How many people in the organization, do you think, use your mission and values to make day-to-day business decisions?
    2. How much do you think your organization really believes in your mission and values and demonstrates those beliefs in the actions of the business?
    3. Does your team feel part of something bigger? Are they proud of their company?  How do they demonstrate this pride? 
    4. Do you believe you are putting your mission, vision and values (purpose) into action in the way you serve your clients or customers?
    5. Do you tell others what your organization produces, or do you tell them why your organization exists?

More and more, employees want to connect to an organization and a cause.  They want to believe that the company stands for certain principles and cares about them as people, as well as the world environment as well.

We have a powerful assessment to assist leaders in determining their purpose, along with other key priorities such as people, pace, perception (innovation) and profit.

Reach out today to request a complimentary assessment, called The Prioritized Leader, and a debrief of the results with one of our master certified partners.  It will be time well spent.

Have a Great Week!