Well, here we are at the end of Laura Dillingham’s articles on Emotional Intelligence…or is it at the beginning? In just a couple of days we will begin our first ever Virtual Course on this topic. Register now before you miss out on this opportunity. Enjoy this week’s Power Idea.

You probably know someone who is a master at managing their emotions. They don’t react negatively when they are in challenging, stressful situations. They know when to trust their intuition and are excellent at making decisions. They have a skill that not everyone has and it is a skill that can be developed and improved. They are willing to look at themselves…honestly. They take feedback and constructive criticism well and they know how and when to use it to improve their overall performance. These people have a high degree of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). This means they know themselves well and they’re also able to sense the emotional needs of other people.

As more and more people accept the idea that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is just as important to professional success as knowledge, skills and technical ability, organizations are beginning to use this tool when they hire and promote talent. We hire for skills and ability, and fire for attitude which manifests itself in behavior. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) looks at and addresses behavior. As you can learn with focus, dedication and work, you can develop and increase your Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Come take a virtual journey for ten weeks and learn about Emotional Intelligence – what is it and why is it important, the two key areas of Emotional Intelligence and the five dimensions in these two areas and finally understand the importance of foundational skills. Review the two most powerful emotions in Emotional Intelligence – Fear and Anger and understand that they can have legal consequences. In the course you will learn about yourself and each dimension, along with suggestions and proven techniques on how you can improve each of these foundational skills.

Intelligence is important to success, however, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the key to developing trusting and respectful relationships with others and ultimately achieving your goals. Many organizations are now using EQ assessments to hire new talent. Why? Because they realize that attitude manifests itself in behavior and while companies hire for knowledge, skills and ability, they fire for attitude.

If you do the work, you have the potential to reduce stress and improve your day-to-day life, both in your personal and your professional life. Just as the leaders of an organization set the tone for the organizational culture from the top, individuals powerfully impact the experience of the people around them at all levels of an organization. In today’s business world, it is critical that you know who you are…that you know YOU!

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WHY? The sessions are on-line for one hour every week for ten weeks. They can be taken at home, the workplace or when you are traveling.

The course will include an Emotional Intelligence Assessment and the opportunity for you to have your assessment debriefed by a Strategic Partner.

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