Alignment = Engagement?

Monday Message from Jerry Houston, President and CEO of HPISolutions

As I was prereading the current monthly Power Idea (A Key To Employee Engagement – Alignment) by Alliance Partner, Skip Wilkins, I first thought, what on earth does alignment have to do with engagement?  Wisely, I continued reading Skip’s article and found it to be spot on!

When everything is properly aligned things just work better.  There is less chaos, less frustration, and being in alignment allows your team to work at their best.  So, what is alignment?  I am going to leave it to Skip’s Power Idea for March to expand on alignment and why it is so critical to employee engagement.

A thought to ponder for this week… for any of us who have discovered the value of regular chiropractic or deep tissue massage therapy, we know that getting our bones, muscles, ligaments and so on in concert with each other enables our health and well-being to improve to a high level.  We move better, have less aches and pains and it allows us to function at higher levels than otherwise possible.

Thanks, Skip, for your words of wisdom and showing all of us that being in alignment as an organization will improve the level of engagement for everyone in the organization.

Have a Great Week!

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