Over the past three months, we have endeavored to bring you our best ideas about how to be a more EFFECTIVE LEADER IN THE 21ST CENTURY. In this final Power Idea, Founder and CEO, Jerry Houston, is going to reflect on what we have brought to our readers and what, we hope, has kindled some ideas about how you and your team are leading, and why it is so necessary to be flexible and inclusive as you continue to hone your management and leadership skills moving more and more into this new way of doing business.

I have the best job in the world; No…I mean it! I have such a great team of professionals to work with every day, and I get a lot of the credit for the fantastic work they do. Truly, it is they who should get the accolades, because it is their skills, experience, education, creativity, and courage that allows us to have a significant impact on our clients and their businesses.

As I look back over this first quarter (that went by amazingly fast!) I am reminded of the topics that my team of professionals created. We talk about:

* A Manager as a Leader
* The Ever-Changing Managerial Role
* Leadership Resolutions for 2018
* The Four Pillars of Moral Leadership
* Leadership and You
* Goal Setting for Success
* Setting Goals – Do You Know Where You Are Going?
* Are You Ready – Social Responsibility for The Business Community
* Managing Your Time Use
* Best Defense is a Strong Offense – Avoiding The Pitfalls of a Hostile Work Environment

If you missed any of these articles, I invite you to visit our website at www.hpisolutions.com and click on the Power Ideas tab.

As you all know, there is much written about managing and leading, and yet poor leadership remains the number one reason why companies struggle to grow and prosper. Why is it that we all know this, and yet we seem to continue with old habits? (I’ll leave that question for you to ponder) What I do know is this: In order to be a consistently good manager, who always strives to be better, you must be engaged in continuous learning to perfect the skills necessary to lead in the 21st Century. We are committed to providing the methods and offerings for you to be the best that you can be and to help your organization maximize its human potential. How do you do that with all the other priorities? By constantly searching for best practices to make available a continuous learning environment for your team. For our part, we will continue to bring your organization ideas and services that help you to accomplish just that.

Have A Great Week!