30 and Thriving? Can it be?

Power Idea from Jerry Houston, President and CEO of HPISolutions

Who would have thought that a fledgling little company, starting in business in the dining room of my home on July 10, 1992, would be celebrating 30 years in business in a few short months??

I think all of you know that surviving and being sustainable for the long haul is no easy task in this tumultuous world.  So, why would I say 30 and THRIVING?  It’s really simple when we are careful to describe what I mean by Thriving.

Thriving means to grow or develop vigorously, to prosper or flourish.

To Thrive one must find success, to bloom, and to realize purpose.  Let’s not get caught up in the idea that this is all related to financial growth and wealth accumulation.  That is just too narrow a view.

Are we living our purpose? 

Are we continuing to grow and change, even if that takes us out of our comfort zones? 

What causes an organization to remain vibrant and excited for the future, even after being around for three decades?

For those of us at HPISolutions, it is really the fact that we make a difference.  It is a fact that the needs of our clients are continually changing.  It is a fact that the demands of the business community are always in flux and we all have to do more with less.  It is a fact for us that we have gained a great deal of knowledge and expertise and follow our mantra of mutual benefit, respect, and trust for each other and for our clients in all that we do.

Here are some of the exciting things coming up in 2022 and beyond for HPISolutions:

  • The Prioritized Leader Process – This will assist clients with validating that they are focusing on the right things, at the right time, to maximize success.
  • TriMetrix HD IntroductionOur clients have found great value in our current TriMetrix Legacy tool for many years. In 2022 we will be rolling out a new version, TriMetrixHD, that will bring a more robust report that will still deliver on behaviors, driving forces, and attributes (acumen), with the addition of a combined look at behaviors/motivators and a dramatically improved acumen capacity index information.  TriMetrixHD provides you with even more insight into the individuals you are hiring, promoting, or otherwise developing.  We will continue to retain the Legacy version of TriMetrix for the foreseeable future for those who want it.
  • 8 Factors of Engagement – This enhanced engagement report will provide an eye-opening view into how your employees are feeling and whether or not they are engaged in your workplace. We have also developed an accumulator, allowing us to provide a whole team view to assist you in improving employee engagement in your organization.
  • Talent Selection and Onboarding – We have added an outstanding Alliance Partner to the team, greatly increasing our impact on selection, onboarding, and retention of the future employees of your organization. Teresa Adams is a fully certified partner and has over 24 years of search and selection expertise.
  • HR Services We are nearing a decision on a new HR Alliance Partner who has a very diversified background that will complement our existing services and support of our clients.  We know that this partner’s impact is going to be welcomed by many of our clients who rely on our ability to consult on HR issues, provide HR audit services, compensation issues, and HR compliance factors in multiple states.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – As the GenZers move into the workforce in a big way, this issue becomes increasingly important if you want to recruit these talented young workers, and more importantly, retain them. They are not like previous generations and will move quickly out of your workplace if you cannot demonstrate that your company is dedicated to the environment, to a cause, and to a purpose that they can connect to.  We are prepared for these changes and stand ready to assist you in navigating this most recent generational change.

Are we Thriving here at HPISolutions?  ABSOLUTELY, and we can’t wait to bring these new partners and services to our clients and future clients.

Stay tuned for an exciting year working with us as we celebrate 30 years of unlocking human potential.  We look forward to being your trusted advisors!